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I am Dr. Beth Trammell, PhD, HSPP, author, speaker, psychologist and creator of Make Words Matter. I am also an Associate Professor of Psychology at Indiana University East, as well as a mother of four children.

Here, you will find more information about my book, speaking and training options, blog posts, and the Make Words Matter philosophy. You can also find some great inspirational tees on the shop page!

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About the book

Make Words Matter: Straightforward, logical parenting to take your kid from frustrating to connecting and listening offers teaching the SIX essential skills to get kids to listen, while decreasing our frustration as parents. When writing this book, that I published in 2019, I used both clinical and personal examples that I hope will keep you engaged and connected to each of the skills, while also “keepin’ it real”.

Reflection prompts throughout the book help you to develop better awareness as a parent, while also learning easy-to-implement ideas for your home and beyond.

Most importantly, this book also comes with a exclusive access to a series of professionally edited videos teaching the skills to you! So in addition to reading and reflecting on the materiel in the book, you also get multi-media learning opportunities. The videos are engaging and interactive, bringing the “ideas to life” so you will certainly be able to apply it in your home today.

If you have a child who is struggling to listen, or you feel like you may just want a few extra tools in your toolbox – this is the book for you. If you are looking for ways to help your child when they are struggling (and you are struggling) and need someone to help you feel like you aren’t alone – this is the book for you! If you want to explore your own parenting and ways it could be improved – this is the book for you! Join us in the growing numbers of parents who are committed to learning these essential behavioral and communication strategies so we can all Make Words Matter for good!

About the shirt

be kind. shine bright. speak life. spread love. to all. today.

I love a good inspirational tee. Especially one that is super soft and comfy. A couple years ago, I was meditating and wrote these words in my little red notebook that I always write in. Months later, I was talking to someone who made a statement (unrelated to this) and then said, “That should be on a t-shirt.” I thought back to those phrases in my red notebook and had a parallel thought… “That should be on a t-shirt!”

So here we are. Thanks to my amazing designer, Alexa (abidedesign.org), who has been helping me with design work from the beginning – our dream was imagined into reality!

Since I am a psychologist (not a t-shirt merchant!), I tend to have limited stock, but am happy to place a special order (at no extra cost to you!) if you need a special size I don’t have. Check out our amazing options on the SHOP page – and trust me…it will be the softest shirt you own! 🙂

About speaking and training

Currently, I have been offering a number of different types of training sessions. Whether it is full-day, half-day, or just a few 30-minute sessions, I can come to you, engage in web-based live or recorded sessions, or a combination of both!  Just click the Contact box to schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and how we can work together on:

  • Behavioral management skills with kids
  • Social-emotional learning
  • Getting kids to listen
  • Increasing communication skills with parents, teachers, kids
  • Diversity and inclusion topics
  • Relationship building
  • Managing hard topics and hard conversations
  • Stress management, anxiety management

What makes my training sessions stand out is the enthusiasm and practicality of the information, as well as the tailored, skills-based approach. Prior to each training engagement, I meet with you in advance to talk through what are the most needed training areas to develop a tailored program for you and your friends or staff.

In short, I tend to synthesize my 15+ years of clinical practice and research and makes it fun, approachable, and applicable. Using humor and high engagement to get and keep participants actively learning throughout each session.

From schools, to preschools, church groups, and businesses, when you are looking for a great training, Contact us for individualized training to meet your needs!

About my Virtual Parenting Class and short E-books

Most online parenting classes include videos with varying levels of practical impact.  In other words, even if what they are teaching you is excellent, it often lacks the applicability to everyday life. Parents and caregivers often leave trainings with varying levels of additional knowledge, but frequently lack the ability to apply that knowledge – so the benefits of learning so much soon wear off.

The virtual Make Words  Matter Parent Training includes easy-to-follow readings with accompanying videos that then challenge you to REFLECT and APPLY the skills in your everyday life. There is also the option to upload videos of yourself practicing the skills to receive feedback from me!  Click HERE to check out our virtual parenting class options. 

Not ready for a full class, but have a specific problem with your child??

Me too. So I began writing short e-books on various common problem topics from parents. Wondering how to talk about sex with your child? I have an e-book for that! Not sure how to monitor social media and screen time with your teen? I have an e-book for that, too! Worried that your little one is angry? Got that one too! Check out all the options on our SHOP page.

My e-books are short (18-20 pages) downloadable documents that walk you through some frequently asked questions related to that topic, specific prompts to help you build confidence in that topic area, and TWO videos from me to help you out. One video for YOU, the parent. And a second video for YOUR CHILD that you can watch together. In the picture here to the left, meet “Percy”, my puppet who comes alongside me when I do groups with kids or videos for littles. All the kids are always enamored by Percy. 🙂

Dr. Beth A. Trammell, PhD, HSPP 

Make Words Matter Consulting & Publishing

Muncie, Indiana