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Look no further! We are here to offer interactive, skills-based trainings that will keep your staff engaged and ready to apply what they learn tomorrow! Whether it is full-day, half-day, or just a few 30-minute sessions, we can come to you, engage in web-based live or recorded sessions, or a combination of both!  Contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and how we can work together on:

  • Behavioral management skills with kids
  • Getting kids to listen
  • Increasing communication skills with parents, teachers, kids
  • Diversity and inclusion topics
  • Relationship building
  • Managing hard topics and hard conversations

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About our trainings

What makes our training stand out is the enthusiasm and practicality of the information. Dr. Beth Trammell, licensed psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychology, takes her 15 years of clinical practice and research and makes it fun, approachable, and applicable. Her sense of humor and ability to get and keep participants engaged is one-of-a-kind.

From schools, to preschools, church groups, and businesses, when you are looking for a great training, Contact us for individualized training to meet your needs!

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Practical, easy-to-use, proactive techniques that are aimed to get kids to listen the first time, understand your expectations, and foster the parent-child or teacher-student relationship.

What separates us from other parenting "classes"?

Most online parenting classes include videos with varying levels of practical impact.  In other words, even if what they are teaching you is excellent, it often lacks the applicability to everyday life. Parents and caregivers often leave trainings with varying levels of additional knowledge, but frequently lack the ability to apply that knowledge – so the benefits of learning so much soon wear off.

Our trainings include easy-to-follow readings with accompanying videos that then challenge you to REFLECT and APPLY the skills in your everyday life!


Dr. Beth A. Trammell, Ph.D., HSPP 

Make Words Matter Consulting & Publishing

Muncie, Indiana