As a mom, I am always looking for great resources. I hope these will be helpful to you in your home as well!

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As a mom of four and a licensed psychologist and therapist for the last 12 years, these are the top 5 secrets I use in my house and share with families in my therapy office. Give it a shot! You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain!

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Creating rituals that emphasize your parenting philosophy

I love this image! It holds so many great, yet simple, ways to engage kids in rituals everyday. Those rituals are the things that remind our kids of the things that matter to us as parents. I wrote  a blog about rituals that may be worth reading as well 😉  Happy Ritualing!

Staying organized with a NEW kind of to-do list!

I love, love, love lists. My great friend actually bought me a list book because she knows how much I love lists! Anyway, I find that I am NEVER getting to the end of my to-do list because I put too many things on there. I put longer-term things on there that I know I probably won’t get to, but need to remember. This list template was life-changing as I started to feel more success with my to-do list versus my MUST-DO list. Share your thoughts on our website comments or Facebook page!


Responding to Racial Bias and Microaggressions in Online Environments

I really appreciated learning from Dr. Frank Harris III, and Dr. J. Luke Wood about specific examples of microaggressions, as well as how to address them. This free YouTube video gives several great examples that happen and how we can lean in to address this ongoing issue. Give it a watch!

Black Minds Matter webinar.  The same authors (above) share about disproportionality in schools. If you are interested in hearing HOW our children of color experience bias, listen in for some specific examples.

School Discipline Disparities: Myths and Facts

NEPC-SchoolDiscipline.pdf (