LISTENING and littles e-book




Do you sometimes feel like no one is listening to you??  Do you find yourself exhausted and frustrated at the end of the day because you can’t seem to get your kid(s) to listen?!?  I’m with you! Been there! That’s why I wrote this short e-book. Our little ones are particularly good at “ignoring” us and/or having “selective hearing.” 🙂

Worry NO MORE!

This e-book is SHORT and JAMMED-PACK with tips, tricks and ideas to help you in those hard moments.

This e-book is easy to read and offers quick advice – as well as two short videos to help you feel more empowered. ONE video is addressed to you, the parent. The other is a short video you can watch with your little about this topic!

Take a chance, learn something new, engage in leaning in!

  • 22 pages
  • 2 videos
  • TONS of great ideas for you to try today! 🙂



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