How to… have the Hard Conversations about SEX (with teens)


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Struggling to know HOW TO… start or continue the conversation about SEX with your teen?  Look no further!  We’ve got you covered.

This e-book is filled with LOTS of tips, resources and videos to make this hard conversation just a little easier.


  • A short video message to YOU from Dr. Beth Trammell, PhD, HSPP – additional ideas and empowerment to tackle this hard topic
  • An additional short video message for your TEEN. This is optional if you want an additional “voice” speaking to your child about this topic. We also think it could be a helpful starting point for you to then leap into discussion.
  • 16 Additional pages of facts, figures, talking points – including specific scripts to help when you aren’t sure what to say!
  • Best of all – Frequently Asked Questions from kids and parents to prepare you for some of the pop-up questions that may come!

All you need is $5 to feel more empowered to have this conversation today!


NOTE: At checkout – you can pay with PayPal OR with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account.


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