ANGER and littles e-book




Do you have a little one (ages 1-6) who has anger from time to time (or all the time?!?!)? Perhaps you aren’t sure how to manage his/her anger or tantrums effectively? Worry NO MORE! This e-book is SHORT and JAMMED-PACK with tips, tricks and ideas to help you in those hard moments. This e-book is easy to read and offers quick advice – as well as two short videos to help you feel more empowered. ONE video is addressed to you, the parent. The other is a short video you can watch with your little about this topic!

Take a chance, learn something new, engage in leaning in!

  • 18 pages
  • 2 videos
  • TONS of great ideas for you to try today! 🙂


2 reviews for ANGER and littles e-book

  1. Beth Trammell

    I loved your eBook on Anger! Thank you, that was very helpful! ~Jenn

  2. Beth Trammell

    SOOOO helpful! So many things I can change right now! Thank you!! ~Sue

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