PODCAST – Things You Learn in Therapy

In December 2021, I had a dream. A vision for ways to continue reaching people with quality mental health resources that were freely accessible and tangibly related to the struggles in your living room. And I thought… I want to teach people the Things You Learn in Therapy.

And so I reached out to fellow therapists on a few different Facebook Groups. Told them about my idea to share their BEST tips in the therapy room on a new podcast. And the response was overwhelming. I was immediately grateful for the words of wisdom, excitement and support. I am still humbled to think of the folks who have reached out about it.

So here we are. Here it is.

And what I am finding as I interview amazing therapists, social workers, psychologists across the world, is that this podcast will be an invaluable resource for BOTH the general public – because I am intentionally interviewing guests who can provide TANGIBLE, PRACTICAL ideas, but also to fellow clinicians. Every single episode, I have found multiple ways that I could use their tips in my own practice – and I hope fellow therapists find the same.

Welcome to the show. I am glad you are here. This episode, Dr. Beth Trammell, psychologist, author, speaker, consultant – shares with you the vision and aim of the podcast, as well as what to expect from each episode.

This podcast is meant to be a resource for the general public, as well as fellow therapists/psychologists. It is NOT meant to replace the meaningful work of individual or family therapy. Please seek professional help in your area if you are struggling. #breakthestigma #makewordsmatter #thingsyoulearnintherapy #thingsyoulearnintherapypodcast

Maureen Clancy joins the podcast today as she shares her expertise about the way our nervous system impacts (and is impacted by) everyday interactions with ourselves and others. This episode you will learn practical ways to better understand the hyper- and hypoarousal states, as well as the benefit of the “sweet spot” of regulation. You won’t want to miss hearing her thoughts on the #thingsyoulearnintherapy.

Maureen Clancy is a licensed therapist and trauma expert for the past 20 years helping women go through enormous life changes who’ve also experienced childhood trauma.

Today’s episode, we explore tangible ways to make relationships stronger – specifically a twist on the commonly considered “monthly meeting.” I found myself thinking… “YES! I need to do this!” I hope you will find my guest, Liz Polinsky, to be SO helpful in your own understanding of #thingsyoulearninthearpy.  We explore topics related to military families, which is her area of expertise, but also many other relationship and communication-focused strategies that are often a part of the #thingsyoulearnintherapy. Thanks for tuning in!

Elizabeth Polinsky is a marriage counselor at The Relationship Center in Norfolk, Virginia. She is also the host of The Communicate & Connect Podcast for Military Relationships.

The grief of losing a loved one can be overwhelming. And to lose a child…unfathomably difficult. Though most of us haven’t experienced such a tragic loss, we can learn from the many things that today’s guest, Michelle Benyo, shares with us. Grab a box of tissues and your journal. We’ve all experienced grief in the last two years. It’s with a grateful heart and open mind that I share with you this awe-inspiring episode of #thingsyoulearnintherapy.

Michele Benyo is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, a parent coach, and the founder of Good Grief Parenting. After her 6-year-old son died of cancer, her 3-year-old daughter said, “Mommy, half of me is gone.” This heartbreaking statement focused Michele’s career as an early childhood parenting specialist on the impact of grief on young children, particularly after child loss. Michele equips parents and other caring adults to recognize young children’s grief and to provide the support children need to cope well with any loss. The desire of Michele’s heart is to see families live forward after loss toward a future bright with possibilities and even joy.

 I have found my professional twin! A fellow psychologist who loves kids, loves parents, loves helping, and loves sharing small ways that can make a big difference with parents and kids. This conversation with Krysten Taprell, aka The Therapist Parent, was so exciting because it brings real-life therapy skills into the living room. Listen in as she shares her advice for sleep, dreams, and mindfulness with kids – that frankly….also applies perfectly to adults! Thank you for listening to this episode of #thingsyoulearnintherapy.

Here is a bit about Kristen. Be sure to check out her social media pages – they are FILLED with great images for parents!!

I am a Psychologist with over 20 years experience working with children and families. I have worked in many settings including schools, Private Practice and Government agencies. I have extensive experience working with people on the Autistic Spectrum as well as conducting diagnostic assessments. In this time I found that I was seeing the same issues coming through my door, requiring the same strategies. While some difficulties will need regular sessions with a qualified Psychologist, sometimes parents just need a few tips and creative ideas to bring change to their children’s lives. I hope to offer you proven strategies and playful activities that children respond to.

If you want an expert on parenting through divorce or separation, Dr. Tara Egan is your person. She came on my other podcast about a year ago to talk about technology use and that episode was so good (and so popular!), I knew I had to invite her back.  This time, we tackle the difficult topic of divorce – and how to talk to kids about divorce.  Even if you aren’t in a situation that divorce is part of your story, this episode is invaluable for anyone who wants to be an ally to a child, friend, or coworker going through divorce. Get comfortable and get ready to tackle hard things today as we explore #thingsyoulearnintherapy.

Dr. Tara Egan is a child and adolescent therapist, co-parent coach, speaker, and author. She holds a doctorate in school psychology and has specialized training in counseling and family-school relations. She established Charlotte Parent Coaching, LLC in 2011. She is also the author of three books and co-hosts a parenting podcast called “One Day You’ll Thank Me” with her teenage daughter, Anna.

This episode covers a wide range of helpful tips for anyone who is around kids or parents. As a parent myself, I found myself taking notes about things that I know I can use in my own house! Listen in as Lianna Purjes shares about #thingsyoulearnintherapy.

Lianna is a former special education teacher turned clinical social worker. Lianna specializes in treating neurodivergent kids and adults with anxiety, trauma, and other mental health issues. Lianna loves creating activities, workbooks, and other resources to help parents and professionals have meaningful conversations with kids…and have fun too!