There are lots and lots of options for parenting classes out there.  What separates us from the others are a few things:

First, we are focused on the prevention of problem behavior. We want to set you up for the BEST possible chance of having great days and weeks with your kids. There are several strategies that are helpful in nearly every child’s life to make it a smoother and happier day from beginning to end.  Rather than prescribing how to use time-out or punishment, we really want to focus on trying not to get into bad situations in the first place!

Second, we really want for parents and teachers to feel more confident in their SKILLS as parents.  While many programs do a good job of giving you new knowledge, it can sometimes be challenging to translate that into new SKILLS that you use with your child on a daily basis. In other words, you might know WHAT you should do, but don’t always know HOW you should do it (after you have taken other parenting classes or read other parenting books). With our knowledge checks and skills checks, we will help you learn how to implement these techniques in your home or classroom immediately!

We believe that getting individualized feedback on your ability to implement the skills you learn in our program is really the key to long-lasting change as a parent or teacher. That is what we offer in giving feedback on your skills checks!

Finally, we are very practical. In fact, the main point of many of the videos we share here is to be PURPOSEFUL. Too many parenting books and trainings focus on being positive. And while we certainly agree that having a positive attitude is one of the critical aspects of good parenting, there are always days when we, as parents, are simply struggling to remain positive. With that in mind, if we only focused on staying positive, it would be hard for many parents to feel successful (or even to relate to) the materiel.

Instead, we challenge parents to remain purposeful. In essence, pay attention to what YOU are doing, feeling, saying, that is impacting your children and your environment. If you have messed up, apologize. If you are happy, laugh. If you want others to share, model generosity.  In short, being purposeful really just means paying more attention to how your actions are impacting those around you and working to correct the ways that perhaps we are contributing to the negativity around us.