Book Club

A few times a year, Dr. Trammell leads an online book club via Facebook Live or weekly emails. All you need to do is buy the book she is studying, sign up either on the closed Facebook group or through emails and then follow along!

Typically book clubs are approximately 1-3 months with a time commitment of about 1-2 hours a week.

Current offerings:

Fall Make Words Matter Book Club – September 2019 – Weekly or biweekly emails and closed Facebook support group – 4 sessions over 3 months (First 20 who sign up, get free copy!)

The person you mean to be: How good people fight bias – by Dolly Chugh – October 2019 – Biweekly emails and closed Facebook group – 3 sessions over 2 months (Purchase book on your own)


Previous book clubs:

The Gift of Failure – By Jessica Lahey – October 2018 – Facebook Live – 4 sessions over 3 months