MEET Dr. Beth Trammell, PhD, HSPP

Dr. Beth Trammell is a licensed psychologist, author, speaker and advocate for connection, healing, and effective communication. In addition to her clinical psychology practice, Dr. Trammell also serves as Associate Professor of Psychology at Indiana University East as well as the university’s Director of the Master of Mental Health Counseling program. She specializes in communication and behavioral strategies related to inclusivity, connection, parenting, coaching and education. Dr. Trammell’s years of clinical and practical experience perpetually influence the specialized trainings she leads throughout the country. Rooted on the premise of ‘Make Words Matter,’  Dr. Trammell blends the science of psychology with our contemporary culture to  illuminate everyday parenting struggles; leading us on a transformative path toward authentic and productive interpersonal connections.


Make Words Matter really wants to help make every parent, teacher, and caregiver the best influence on children as possible. We are committed to making you a better communicator. The Make Words Matter philosophy aims to give more value to all of your words so the kids in your life will LISTEN when you speak. They will RESPOND when you make a request. Beyond that, we want to help you see how your words will have the power to build kids up to be well-adjusted adults someday.

Time and again, parents and caregivers become stressed and frustrated because they are constantly nagging and repeating things to their kids.

Nothing is more irritating than feeling disrespected and ignored.

We are here to help you change that!

There are many books and websites about parenting topics that are really great. However, what we have learned through research and clinical practice is that to make meaningful changes, parents, teachers, and caregivers need to engage in several processes to have the new techniques really sink in.

  • It takes reading…A parent, teacher or caregiver needs to read new information presented in a way that is applicable and meaningful.
  • It takes writing…All of us learn more effectively if we are challenged to write about what we are learning to deepen the level of processing so we can remember it later!
  • It takes reflecting…Really stopping to think about what you are learning and how it applies in your unique situation.
  • It takes watching…Engaging our minds with professional videos about additional ways to think about the material you are reading and writing about with even further the learning process.
  • It takes remembering…Checking your knowledge about the information you are reading, writing, and watching to really make sure you are grasping the concepts.
  • It takes practicing…A huge part of parenting and teaching is making sure you can actually practice the new skills you are learning!
  • And most importantly, it takes getting individualized feedback about your practice of the skills…Getting feedback keeps us accountable to doing all the skills just right!

Make Words Matter is more than just another parenting book. It is a comprehensive program that does ALL of these things to make sure you really can become a better parent or teacher.

Make Words Matter was created and is led by Dr. Beth Trammell, Ph.D., HSPP. She is a licensed psychologist and Assistant Professor at Indiana University East.  Her 12+ years of experience in therapy with kids and families integrates with her research on parent training and childhood behavior disorders. Her approach to training is practical, hands-on, and engaging. As a mother of four, she uses both personal and professional examples to keep participants in her workshops engaged (and laughing!). Her ability to connect with parents and teachers shows her genuine caring for helping others.