Developing healthy consumption of technology

I don’t know how yall are doing, but I know I have been feeling more and more self-inflicted pressures to minimize my kids’ screen time. And as my kids get older, I am finding myself being more and more interested in learning ways to help my own kids develop healthy habits with screens.

So I sought out an expert! HOORAY!

I met a fellow therapist and parenting expert, Dr. Tara Egan, from, and let me tell you…talking with her has been so empowering to me! She shares her tips from workshops she does in the community (and now virtually) on how to help parents keep their kids safe in a digital world.


The podcast episode is now live on Kids These Days…tools for supporting children’t mental health.

Click here for the episode:

Show notes can be found here! Show notes from Tara Egan podcast episode