Day 6 – When we can encourage EXTRA kindness.

“Light fosters life. You have light to share, which means you have life to share. Don’t hide it. We all want to make a mark on the world, but oftentimes we talk ourselves out of it because we’re too busy or we assume we’re not talented enough. Hear me today: Your light shines brighter than you think it does.” -Car window poetry devotional

I read this devotional a couple weeks ago and think we could help our kids this week focus on how they can be a light to share with others.

Check out Car window poetry. Or search up “random acts of kindness.” Share this idea with your kids and then ask them specifically what THEY can do to be extra kind today, tomorrow, and on the first day of school. Share with them what you are going to do to be extra kind. Have them write it down or help them write it down to help remind them. Ask them about it later that day and see how they FELT when they were extra nice. Share how you felt and remain in the present moment of experiencing this with your child today!

Stay well, friends.
Until tomorrow,