Day 5 – When academics look different.

This year is going to be totally different. In so many ways. Likely to include the academic part of school. It may be easier. Or harder. It may be stricter, or looser. We just simply don’t know exactly how all of this will work until we get there.

So we can have a conversation NOW, with our kids about how things may look different. If you have some insight as to how that might look – share it with them! For instance, our school put out a document that outlined how virtual school was going to “look”. Share the main ideas from that with your kid!  Similarly, our school has shared that desks will be in rows (not pods) and how they will be required to stay apart from one another. I know this doesn’t seem to relate to academics in our eyes, but for your child, learning in the classroom will feel different when they are in rows versus pods. The more we can prepare them, the better!

Below is the video for today’s conversation.

Stay well, friends.
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Click HERE for the Day 5 video.