Day 3 – Mask (and school-choice) shaming.

We are on Day 3 of continuing conversations with our kids about shaming. Shame is such a hard word. An even harder emotion. Yet, we all have experienced it and know how horrible it is.

The trickiest part about shame messages is that we often don’t mean to invoke shame. Most times, we truly believe we are helping teach or guide those around us. However, if you are sharing a message with your child (or anyone else) that originates in a place of fear or insecurity AND is an attempt to get them to change their behavior (in a manipulative way), it might be a shame-based message.  Take a moment to evaluate how you might feel if someone shared the same message with you and that might give some perspective.

Below is the video for today’s conversations. Hopefully y’all are doing well!

Stay well, friends.
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Click HERE for the Day 3 video.