Day 2 – Being a good friend without being too close

So for Day 2, I want to talk about being a good friend without getting physically close to one another. Despite any of our own opinions about social distancing, it is clear that being 3 to 6 feet away from one another is a better way to stop the spread of all germs. And not spreading germs is a common concern for all kids in the school building, so it is not a new idea for our kids to get used to. But being physically distant from our friend may be.

Take a moment to consider this juxtaposition. Their whole lives, we have encouraged closer contact. We have developed a habit in them to be in the physical space of peers. And now, we have to help them change that habit at school. And we all remember how hard habits are to break!

So here is the video for Day 2 of our 7-day intentional journey together. Again, if you feel comfortable – give me a shout out about how the conversation went!

Stay well, friends.

Click HERE for the Day 2 video.