Their performance is NOT a reflection of you as a parent

Their performance is NOT a reflection of you as a parent

This message is for anyone who feels bad if their child does not perform well on the field. Their performance is not a reflection of you. You don’t have to feel bad or embarrassed. You don’t have to defend his or her behavior. You simply support the coach and your child as they continue to grow and develop.

If you are going home feeling defeated after a game, you may want to take a moment to reflect on what your overall goal for your child is. Perhaps you are putting more into it than needs to happen right now. If you are stressed about how well they are doing, talk to the coach for some perspective. You are not ruining your 5th-grader’s chance at a college scholarship by missing a game. Take the pressure off of yourself (and your child) and simply enjoy the sport for what it is. And what it is supposed to be! Fun!

Now…. if your child is angry, screaming at the coach or referee, throwing things, etc. Then that might be a parenting issue. It might mean we need more structure around the expectations of participating in competitive sports.

Check out this short video to summarize this point!


photo cred Đàm Tướng Quân