Gratitude is….Seeing the BEST in your kids

Gratitude is….Seeing the BEST in your kids

How y’all feeling?? How is the gratitude practice coming along?  I know I get distracted ALL THE TIME and so I am trying to be more intentional this month…but even with that, I need reminded! 🙂  Feel free to drop me a line to remind me or stop me in the store if you see me! HA! I especially need that reminder in the store…

Today, I am reflecting on a constant struggle for me. How to fairly answer the most common question I get as a mother …. “How are the kids?”

How are the kids?

I know it is the human tendency to focus on those things that bother me the most. The way my kids are challenging me at bedtime. The one time my son talked back and then I wanted to poke him in the eye. The time my daughter rolled her eyes at my simple request to take a shower. 

But I realize after sharing such examples that those instances are the slimmest of snapshots of who my kids are the majority of the time. And beyond that, I don’t want to be sharing the negativity when I have so many things to be thankful for with my kids.

I certainly have lots of moments when I vent about irritation. But if I am rooted in gratitude, I can find genuine ways of connecting to others without bragging on and on about my kids.  AND without needing to share just the negative stuff!

What if they shared only the worst of me??

It also occurs to me that if my kids only shared the worst moments of me with everyone we knew…. Oh boy. EEK. 

So today, my hope is that I will be reminded to see the best in my kids – and share some of that with someone I am close to!