I love this type of gratitude practice. I love being randomly surprised by kindness from others – and I think that is probably a universal feeling.

For the last few years, my kids and I have had a random acts of kindness board for the month of December. We love that it leads to one of our favorite holidays and the kids always love to see what the next random act is each day. Some examples of random acts include writing a short note to the principal of their school about how great their teacher is, opening the door for 3 people, giving three compliments, and bringing a candy bar to the janitors at their school. For more ideas, just email me!

I believe random acts of kindness links directly to gratitude because the receivers of our kindness are always grateful. This gives our kids the opportunity to see how other people show their gratitude toward us! Beyond that, many of the random acts include prompts for sharing our gratitude – for instance, writing a thank you letter to your teacher.

As you think about random acts of kindness, how could you get your kids excited about doing random kind things to others??

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