Gratitude is… LOVING your body

Gratitude is… LOVING your body

So this is probably not what you were expecting to read about as we are beginning our journey into gratitude this month. And if I’m being honest…I wasn’t sure when I was planning this either!

But here’s the truth: In all of my time talking with moms and dads, boys and girls, body image – and problems with body image – are among the most pervasive, daily internal struggles.  

The everyday evaluation

Everyday we get dressed and look in the mirror. Everyday we wake up and wash our face and look in the mirror. Everyday we eat three (or more) meals a day when we think about how many calories we are eating and how that impacts our waistline. And if you are like many of the rest of us, we also spend A LOT of time NOT liking what we see or how we feel when we eat (or overeat).

And this negative energy definitely impacts our relationship with our kids. They see us looking negatively in the mirror. They hear us talking negatively about our body. They pick up how you spend so much time finding something that “looks good” and the exasperation in your voice when it feels like a never ending process.

I am as guilty as the rest of us! And as I have been spending more time realizing how much our kids see, hear, and intuit, I also realize how much I need to more intentionally love my body. Just the way it is. Right now.

The strength of our bodies

My body has carried me through every long day and short day of my life. It has carried four tiny humans and healed after four cesarean deliveries. It has then created the sole food source for those tiny humans for the first six to 12 months of their lives (which is still an amazing thing to think about!!).

 It has run countless short and long jogs along my street, 5Ks, and a mini-marathon – not to mention the training for that mini! It withstands the daily grind of cooking, cleaning, sitting and playing. It has also survived the many, many random diets that I have tried.

In short, my body is a freakin miracle!  Can I get an AMEN?!?

How many of us really sit and marvel at how grateful we should be that our bodies are so resilient and strong?? I know I don’t enough!

Loving our bodies, in this season (and every season)

And so that is why our first gratitude practice is to LOVE OUR BODIES just as they are, in this season of life.

  •     Wear that great dress and look in the mirror at the things you LOVE…not the thing you hate.
  •     Walk with your shoulders tall and straight…rocking some new shoes that are killer!
  •     Rock that bikini for the last few moments of summer!
  •     Say out loud, when your kids are around, that you are grateful for your body and all it does for you on a daily basis.

Make words matter for good by modeling positive body image!

Remember – Gratitude is…. loving our bodies just as they are, in the season of life we are in!

How can you model this today??