A month of gratitude

A month of gratitude

This month, as the kids go back to school, I want to spend the entire month of August blogging about gratitude. I have been studying and meditating about gratitude for a long time and have come up with a few ideas that I think will help all of us along as we are trying to raise happy, grateful, successful kids. Especially in a world where it feels like instant gratification and technology are taking over!

So as we explore the topics of gratitude, I want to encourage all of us to be mindful of gratitude as a practice.  In other words, it is something we need to continue to work on, to practice. Think of it like a journey that we are all on together, that probably won’t end anytime soon! Which is actually a great thing! We can continue to grow and model all things gratitude this month and for the months (and years to come!).


Join me this month in some (maybe new) ways to practice gratitude with our kids! Here is what I have planned for us this month…

8 NEW ways to practice gratitude.

    1. Gratitude is….Loving your body
    2. Gratitude is….Acknowledging blessings
    3. Gratitude is….Being a gift to others
    4. Gratitude is….Random acts of kindness
    5. Gratitude is….Loving people more than things
    6. Gratitude is….Seeing the BEST in your kids
    7. Gratitude is….Seeing the BEST in others
    8. Gratitude is….Discipline in the good moments too