Daily Reminder – Week 7 – Find and share humor

Daily Reminder – Week 7 – Find and share humor

Laughter is the best. It is contagious, isn’t it?  You hear a child laughing and you can’t help but also find yourself giggling. This week, I want to challenge us all to use laughter and humor to connect with our kids. That might be telling a silly joke every morning (if you need help with jokes, there are lots of them – just google it! I found this website very quickly – 108 jokes for kids)

For some of you, that might mean dressing up or doing something silly/crazy with your kids. Maybe you wake them up with a song you just wrote for them. 🙂

No matter how you do it, just try to get your kids (and yourself!) laughing more this week. After the holidays this past week, I think we could all use a little more giggles anyway!  (Maybe it will help us all survive the holiday break away from school!

photo cred (pexels.com –Archie Binamira )

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