Daily Reminder – Week 6 – Make their favorite meal

Daily Reminder – Week 6 – Make their favorite meal

I have talked about how I believe Gary Chapman missed the 6th Love Language of cooking.  I use the topic of love languages a lot in therapy and I think most people find it to be helpful. For me, my love language is hospitality and cooking for others, my family included.  A couple of years ago, I attempted a creative birthday gift for my husband that I called “The birthday of favorites.” I bought him several of his favorite food items (Ruffles chips, donuts, candy, etc.), a favorite movie, and other small things he loves in an attempt to show him how much I was thinking of him on his birthday.

This week, I challenge us to think about how we can make our kids feel special by cooking (or buying – I am not above that!) their favorite meal. Each of my kids has a favorite meal to eat and when we have that on the table, their joy is so much fun to see! If you don’t know what they love, this could be a good time to spend some time learning that!  Feel free to expand this to your partner or family members as well. I think all people love to feel our love of them through sharing a meal together.

photo cred (pexels.com – Ronmar Lacamiento)

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