Weekly Reminder – Week 4 – Leave surprise love notes

Weekly Reminder – Week 4 – Leave surprise love notes

I  have written about love notes to our kids before. In an era when our kids are continually flooded with information from websites, texts, and tweets, I want to continue to be a competing presence for them. From time to time, I write a note in my kids’ lunchboxes for them to open when they get to lunch. (I used to do this daily and have gotten out of the habit of doing it.) I love the idea of them remembering my words to them several hours after they have left me in the morning. I hope this brings them a sweet reminder of my voice in their minds about how much they mean to me.  Recently, I noticed my daughter was packing her lunch and she had several of the notes saved in the top part of her lunchbox. Seeing this is what inspired me to include this here.

Even though our kids might not acknowledge it, we matter to them. Our words and sweet love notes matter to them.

This week, find a way to leave little notes for your child for them to find. You can leave a note for them on their pillow. Or how about in their lunchbox? Or maybe in their backpack? Yes…it might be three or four days until they find it…but the joy they will experience when they do!  These notes don’t need to be long. Just a quick reminder of how much you love them or how thankful you are for their creativity or hard work. Anything that shows them you are thinking of them in a positive way.

Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul.” – Amy Collette

photo cred (pexels.com – Frans Van Heerden)