Weekly reminder – Week 1 – Schedule a date!

It’s a Monday.  And it has felt like a Monday for me today. Some good things, some things that, well…. just feel like a Monday.

A few weeks ago, I was embarking on an experiment to engage in a Daily Reminder to help make myself a better mother, friend, wife, human.  I have loved seeing and hearing all of the stories of how people have responded so well to this idea. But I also know that many of you had the admission that “I am a little behind” in keeping up with them daily. I absolutely get that! Trust me…there were days that I was like…”Oh man…I gotta go do that!”

So I have decided to try a WEEKLY goal.  I think this might still get us focused on the intentionality that I was aiming for, without falling behind.

I was having dinner with some friends this weekend and we began talking about whether or not we find intentional, one-on-one time with each of our kids. Each of the mothers at the table admitted we do our best, but not at the frequency that we would prefer.

And so, our first weekly reminder is to schedule a date with each of our kids (and our spouses!).

I think it would be ideal to look at the next month and put a date on the calendar for each of them. Because here’s the thing, if we treat it like any other appointment we have, we won’t miss it. It is only when we forget to put it on the calendar that it slips through the cracks.

Remember, our kids and spouses don’t need extravagance from us. They don’t need hours at a time. They just need intentional time with us. That might be ice cream after school. It might mean shooting hoops in the yard. It might mean donuts before school. Or an extra book before bedtime. The only rule here is that it CAN’T be something that you would typically do normally. Let’s push ourselves to be better than that.

I would also like to push us for it NOT to be driving in the car to and/or from something.  Believe it or not, kids don’t love driving in the car AND they won’t see that as special time with you. Trust me…I have had many talks with kids and parents about this minor detail. Parents say, “I spend one-on-one time with you all the time. We drive to practice together. I take you to dance. I sit and watch while you dance.” And the child responds with, “Yeah…but you HAVE to do that.”  🙂

Let’s do this! Schedule a date today!