The Daily Reminder – Day 30: Partner + Dream Big

The Daily Reminder – Day 30: Partner + Dream Big

It only seems fitting for the last day of our experiment to be a challenge to dream big. But rather than just dreaming big on your own, have a conversation with your spouse/partner about what dreams you have for you as a COUPLE.

I have seen too many parents who forget that they were couples first. And I know how it happens. We get super focused on our kids and forget about each other.  Six months later, you haven’t been on a date the entire time. A month later and you haven’t had anything more than a G-rated moment in the bedroom.

Let’s re-connect today by talking about what our dreams are as a couple. Wanna travel to China? Put that out into existence!  Wanna talk about adoption?  Feel called to switching careers?  Nothing is off limits if you are just dreaming!

P.S. For some of you, you might have to warn your partner that you are just dreaming aloud (for now…).

Recap – I will have a final recap tomorrow! I welcome anyone else’s overall recap as well!!