The Daily Reminder – Day 24: Emotional Health + Relaxation

At this point, it is probably not difficult to see a theme in my wellness challenge for us (stillness, relaxation, etc.). Too often, I hear about the busyness of life in my clients and friends, and know that it is also such an important reminder in my own life.

So today our focus will be on RELAXATION. I think this is slightly different from stillness in that you have to find the stillness to achieve relaxation. In other words, relaxation is the byproduct of being still. Hopefully we have practiced stillness a few times in the last month already, so relaxing should be an easy one!

You can do a progressive muscle relaxation (I highly recommend) or ask a friend/partner for a massage (or pay someone!). Or maybe a long bath? favorite movie? Whatever it takes… RELAX for Day 24!!

Recap from Day 23

I remember feeling at least three distinct moments when I took a few extra deep breaths or sat down just a little bit longer than I typically do. I honestly also remember thinking, this isn’t that hard to do (just take a few extra minutes to be intentional about stillness), but I know I don’t do this on a regular basis. Why don’t I?  And as I was reflecting, I was reminding myself that when this 30-day experiment is over, I will make a commitment to doing these small things that I have now realized really shouldn’t be that hard!