The Daily Reminder – Day 18: Spiritual Health + Read

I have already mentioned that I listen to a lot of audio books. I love being able to cook or drive or fold laundry while listening to a great book. But, I also love what reading a physical book does for me. First, when I have a book I want to read – it forces me to sit down, slow down, and be still while engaging my mind. Second, it gets me away from technology and screens. Of course, I love my phone and computer, and all that those things do to make life easier. However, as we become more reliant on machines to do the work for us, we are forgetting how to engage in stillness, boredom, and mental computation.

To today, I challenge each of us to spend 15-30 minutes reading whatever holy book you believe in. For me, it will be to read my physical bible (not the bible app!). For others, it might be a different holy book. If possible, include a journal to write and reflect in after you read. What stood out to you? What can you apply?  One of my favorite quotes is from a John C. Maxwell book about personal growth where he says,

“Reflection turns experience into insight.”

I LOVE that!

Recap from Day 17

My big dream for my family is to live abroad for a semester. I think there are so many great things that come with living in a different culture.

My other big dream is to own a tiny home and travel the country along Route 66 to see all the cool things our country has. Whenever I tell people my love for tiny homes, they all say I am crazy! 🙂

What’s everyone else’s big dream for your family??