The Daily Reminder – Day 17: Spiritual Health + Dream Big

The Daily Reminder – Day 17: Spiritual Health + Dream Big

I am a dreamer. I am a thinker. I am a ponderer and analyzer. Sometimes to a fault (if you as my kids or my hubby!).

On my wedding anniversary last August, I asked God to dream big with me. I remember waking up that morning with a child-like excitement for whatever was is store for me that day.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that would be the beginning of Make Words Matter and this whole vision of helping parents and teachers connect and communicate with kids. I truly am still in awe of how this all came to be in just a short time.

I want for all of us to dream big dreams for our lives. Starting with our families. What is your biggest dream for your family?? Let’s pray and meditate today about what we would love to see come true for our families. And let’s throw them out into the world for others to hear (and help us make those dreams a reality!!)!


Recap from day 16

I have already discussed the power of stillness and finding quiet space to reflect. I focused my mind on one particular part of my prayer wall – a prayer I read once in a devotional saying,

“Create and instill in me a mission of love and the power to change the world.”

Y’all. If everyone had a mission of LOVE, I have no doubt we could change the world.  One child, one friend at a time.