The Daily Reminder – Day 16: Spiritual Health + Meditate

The Daily Reminder – Day 16: Spiritual Health + Meditate

Meditation is something I have had to learn to love. I’ll start there. 🙂

You know that scene in Eat. Pray. Love. when Julia Roberts’ character tries to meditate and has a million other thoughts going through her head?? Well. That’s basically me when I try to sit still for any amount of time.

But in the last 18 months, I have been intrigued by how powerful and accomplished I can feel when I am totally still. It sounds like an oxymoron, but feels like truth when it happens.

You see, meditation isn’t exactly as they showed it in the movie. By definition, meditation is simply focusing your mind on a specific thought or activity to put yourself into a state of mental clarity and emotional calmness. And when you stop to think about any moments you may have had in your life when you had that “aha” moment…isn’t it awesome!?!? It’s like some secret puzzle piece has fallen into place and all feels right with the world!

Meditation is basically actively finding the stillness to achieve mental clarity and emotional safety.

And there isn’t anything about that feeling that isn’t AWESOME!

My plan is to find 15-20 minutes today to seek out stillness with my prayer wall (from yesterday!). I want to find one or two things on the prayer wall to meditate with. Remember, it is just focusing on those couple of things during a short time (or long time if you are great at it!) to achieve clarity and peace.

Happy Meditating!

Recap from Day 15

I love my two sacred spaces. And I am truly excited to be spending more time in them these next few days. Just like anything else, I find myself going in waves of spending time in those spaces.

Was anyone else able to create a little space for yourself yesterday?? Or have plans to do so soon?


P.S. – Isn’t the photo for today amazing!?!  Fancycrave from really captured the essence of both a sacred space and meditation with this one.