The Daily Reminder – Day 15: Spiritual Health + Sacred Space

The Daily Reminder – Day 15: Spiritual Health + Sacred Space

I listen to a lot of audiobooks. I love my local library’s app, Overdrive, because it allows me to listen to all of the most amazing books for free!! Anyway, as I listen to these books I find inspiration in all kinds of ways. In fact, one book I read was the inspiration for today’s focus.

Within the last year or so, I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. For those of you who haven’t read it, the basic idea is that she walks you through a systematic way of minimizing your house to keep everything more organized. I really appreciated the methods of the book and made some awesome changes in my house (despite still having WAY too much stuff in my house). She has a unique was of getting you to purge certain things that I would recommend – particularly if you are someone who has been like, “Gosh – I have way to much stuff…but I am too overwhelmed to get started.”

Nevertheless, one thing in particular that I loved about that book was the recommendation to create a “sacred space.” Initially, I thought…”Well shoot…at this point I don’t do ANYTHING by myself.” Every shower is interrupted, every stop in the bathroom.  There is no such thing as “sacred” space when four kids are around!

But then, I really spent some time reflecting on what having a sacred space really meant. And for me, I currently have two spaces that I have created to be my “sacred spaces” (sorry – I guess I sorta cheated on this one…I already did today’s focus – but found it so meaningful that I thought it should be the start of our week on spirituality).

The first is a closet that I have re-purposed for my home office. It still looks very much like a closet, but I made it “sacred” by taking all sorts of things that I LOVE and put them on the walls all around me. Each piece that I put on the wall has deep meaning to me. Hence, the reason it is sacred!

My other space is my prayer wall. We have those big, sliding mirrored doors for our master closet and on the back of those is the perfect surface for a wet-erase marker. When I feel like I need to have some time to myself, I close myself into either of those closets and am immediately reminded of the beauty of the things I have selected and find immediate peace, comfort, joy.

My challenge for you today is to find a small space in your home to create a sacred space all your own. It should be both meaningful and peaceful. When you arrive there and stay there, it should be calming and make you feel happiness.

And when you create that space, tell us about it! (I will share pictures of mine too!!)

Recap from the week on Physical Health

Okay. So let’s just say that I am still not great at focusing on my physical health. It appears to me now that I seem to struggle the most with finding balance within this area of my life. I will go several days or weeks doing really well, but then for whatever reason, I will “fall off the wagon” again.

Let me be fair, I believe I am relatively healthy – I workout a couple times a week, most weeks, and eat a relatively healthy diet.

I think if I really reflect on the struggles I still have it would be 1. staying consistent with a workout routine that doesn’t interfere with other things – for instance, I LOVE the workout class at 5:30am, but then I am usually ready for bed at 9pm – leaving no time with my spouse.

So I need to find a way to make a great workout routine work still. and 2. I am addicted to sugar. Wholeheartedly. Addicted. to. Sugar. I spend too much of my joy thinking about delicious, sugary foods. Sheesh…just thinking about the beautifully iced donut that my son had for breakfast at Grandma’s house this morning makes my mouth water! Okay. So I am still a work in progress!

Here’s hoping spiritual health goes well for all of us!!


photo cred (Artem Bali)