The Daily Reminder – Day 14: Physical Health + Breathe

The Daily Reminder – Day 14: Physical Health + Breathe

Breathing seems like a silly thing to be reminded of. We all breathe automatically all day long. But I believe all of us have been in situations that have been somewhat tense or irritating and the way we calm ourselves is to take a deep breath. The same is true when we instruct others who are becoming irritated or upset to “take a deep breath.”

Inherently, we know the benefits of taking some deep breaths, but have you spent the whole day intentionally taking those deep breaths.? What if we took these calming breaths all day? I wonder how that might make us feel?

Well. Today. We will figure that out! Each hour, I challenge us to take one FULL minute of FULL deep breaths. Breathe in as deep as you can. Breathe out as deep as you can. For one minute each hour.

My plan is to set an alarm on the hour each hour to remind myself.

Recap from Day 13

I found myself standing and walking yesterday (rather than just sitting and watching my son play football) more than I would have otherwise. I also challenged two dear friends to join me on a walk last night as our families were hanging out for a cookout. It was so sweet to have two great friends and we basically just picked up our conversation and took it on the road!

I love walking and talking. There’s something so freeing about being outdoors. It always reminds me how vast the world is when I am outside and then contrast that with the intimacy of friendship and deep conversation and I am in love! 🙂

How’s everyone else doing?? Ready for spiritual health tomorrow?

photo cred (Oleksandr Pidvalnyi)