The Daily Reminder – Day 13: Physical Health + Steps

The last several days, I have shared how much sitting on our backside all day negatively impacts our overall health. As we are moving into spiritual health next week, I want to incorporate a couple of things these last two days that lead us into that.

Today, I want you to focus on increasing your steps in your everyday life. Even if you don’t have a wearable tracker, there are simple things to do to increase your steps. For instance, park your car further away from the door when you go to the store today. Choose the gas pump that is at the end of the row and go inside to pay. Choose the stairs over the elevator. Basically, when given the opportunity, force yourself to walk more by deliberately NOT choosing the easiest path to get there.

THEN. Take a “long” walk this evening. Have someone you love join you. Your spouse, your child, your dog. Just get out of the house and go on a walk before you lay down tonight.

Let’s get those steps in!

Recap from Day 12

With four kids and two jobs and a major home improvement project underway, standing hasn’t really been the issue for me lately. I am always moving around the house. So I was awesome yesterday in the standing category!  My watch even told me I was awesome.  🙂

Honestly, I am feeling excited about the upcoming challenges about spiritual and emotional health next week and the week after. We have one more day where I am planning to have us focus on breathing and then move into spirituality. I can’t wait!!