The Daily Reminder – Day 10: Physical Health + Exercise

Building muscle and doing cardio workouts are both crucial to physical health. So today, we will aim to do both!

I am not going to put too many parameters on this because I know we all have a wide range of physical abilities. But, I think the main goal here should be to get both a strength workout in and a cardio workout in as well. Try to push yourself beyond where you have pushed in the past. If you have run 1 mile before – try to go 1.5. If you have done 10 pound weights for 15 reps, try 15 pounds.  I find that most days, if I am pushed a little harder, I work a little harder. If I go to workout on my own, I tend to get lazy. That’s why I love challenges like this or classes where a trainer will push me beyond my comfort level.

I hope you will see how much further you can push yourself today!

Recap from Day 9

Here’s the interesting thing. Before yesterday, I believed I drink a pretty decent amount of water. After CHUGGING water like 6 times yesterday as if I am a 21-year-old downing cheap draft beer – I now realize that I am no where near where I should be with water intake! Seriously. I felt like I was re-living my old go-to-the-bar-on-Thursdays kind of drinking (only this time it was water!).  I ended up drinking about 112 ounces of water yesterday and my body felt great! But I really had to TRY to drink that much. I had to intentionally take long drinks to get all of that water in.

I almost always carry a water bottle with me throughout the day. But apparently it is more like an accessory – because I am just taking sips throughout the day. I now know I am going to have to really tip it back to get all that water in!

How did others do with water?