The Daily Reminder – Day 9: Physical Health + Water

The Daily Reminder – Day 9: Physical Health + Water

Drinking water is an obvious need for our physical health, but perhaps not as often a focus. I do not believe I need to explain the reasons for why drinking water is important, but the amount of water that is recommended we drink appears to vary from 9 cups a day to 13.5 cups a day (72 oz to 108 oz).

My goal is to drink 100 oz of water today. I realize that many fruits and vegetables have lots of water in them as well – which goes into that 100 oz – but I am going to challenge myself to get all 100 oz in (on top of fruits and veggies today).

Happy drinking! (And peeing! lol)

Recap from Day 8

Okay y’all. Yesterday was harder than I really want to admit. It is clear that my body is addicted to sugar and my brain triggers habitual eating. These are not new revelations to me. I have been fighting these two things for some time now. And I will go a few weeks without sugar, but then fall right back into dessert after lunch AND dinner (eek). In addition to the little bites of this or that – all filled with sugar! UGH!

I also found that several times yesterday I had to physically stop my hand from reaching for a handful of crackers as I plated my kids’ food or a few chips as I made them a snack. One of the main roles I serve in my family is to take care of all things food related (i.e., cook, grocery shop, etc.). I love to cook. And I love to eat. And it has become a habit for me to walk into the kitchen and just grab a handful of whatever snack is laying out or closest in the pantry – none of which is great for my body. I have tried just about every trick in the book – keep a bowl of fruit out on the counter, put the junk food out of reach, etc. But guess what…if I am the one who is “hiding” the food higher on the shelf…guess who knows where it is!  lol

Part of why I wanted to include physical health in this challenge is because I know it is a struggle for me and I have spent a lot of time talking with other women (and men) in therapy about their struggles, too.  Just know you aren’t alone.


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