The Daily Reminder – Day 8: Physical Health + Food

The Daily Reminder – Day 8: Physical Health + Food

We’ve made it to our second week of focused goals!  This week’s focus will be on our physical health.

I want to fully disclose that I am not a personal trainer or dietitian. I am not a physician. I only want to share some simple ideas that could benefit all of us. I am hoping to make it focused enough that I can keep you accountable, but also flexible enough to capture each person’s physical health/needs. Here goes!

Today, my goal is for us to focus on limiting those foods that, in excess, are not good for us. So today, I challenge you to skip all dessert/treats, and try to limit your simple carbs (e.g., white bread, pasta, crackers, etc.). Make conscious decisions to eat more fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins. In short, my goal is to be intentional about eating today – rather than just mindless shoving food in my mouth. 🙂


Recap from Week 1 with my kids

As I reflect back on my time each day with my kids, it is hard for me to choose just one thing that felt most impactful.  I know the play day was a really fun day with the kids and they really noticed the difference, but I also really appreciated how I felt when I was focused on giving them compliments about their character as well. I think the good news is that any of the 7 things we did over the past week could all be great options to continue because it seemed my kids loved all of them!

Which day felt most impactful for your family?

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  • I liked them all, but probably found the listening day most useful. As you said, Beth, we often hear but don’t listen. Being intentional about turning toward them and making eye contact to really listen made me feel more connected and less distracted. I believe it also made the point to my children that they are very important to me. although I tell them this frequently, we all know actions speak louder than words. Thanks again for the daily reminder 🙂