The Daily Reminder – Day 4: Kids + “Yes, mom”

You remember that movie, Yes, Man?   From 2008, with Jim Carrey.  Where Jim Carrey’s character lives in a place of fear and control for the beginning of the movie and then is magically required to say YES! to any request. ANY request. Although initially saying “yes” to everything was a challenge for the character in the movie, by the end, he found that he was given a multitude of opportunities that were great things for his life – many of which he would have unlikely experienced without saying YES.

I think of that movie often. In fact, most times when my kids request something and I say “no”, I take a split second to think about what potential opportunity we may be missing out on because I didn’t say “YES!” (Note: this does NOT mean I say yes to everything! In fact…I say “no” a lot. I am merely mentioning that I take that split second to pause because I do believe fear and control keep us from experiencing lots of things – and I want to try to avoid parenting out of fear or control.)

Today, I will focus on saying “YES!” on everything I would have said “no” to previously. I will be a “Yes, mom” today!

PS – if you live locally and see my kids – DO NOT tell them! lol  My kids are smart enough to ask to go to Disney World or something crazy!

Recap from Day 3 

I am not sure I got my 10 compliments in for each child today. After a 12-hour day at work, I didn’t see them until late this evening and I think I got a solid 5 compliments in for each child. I also tried to give all of my attention to my kids for the 2 hours that I saw them today, rather than being preoccupied with other things around the house. I think they noticed I was more attentive, and I found myself making more intentional decisions to give them more of my attention.

That being said, I suppose I didn’t meet my goal, but I still succeeded in being more intentional – which is still a step in the right direction!

Anyone else noticing anything good?


4 thoughts on “The Daily Reminder – Day 4: Kids + “Yes, mom””

  • I noticed with my son he really thrived on the smallest compliments. He also enjoyed me recapping his day and asking him many questions he even said come on mom give me some more questions. His behavior yesterday was very pleasant and I think complimenting on the littlest things hes done helped his attitude stay more positive.

  • I think if they ask to go to disney world, you can still say yes. You just say something like, “yes, we can definitely go to disneyworld… when we have all the money saved up. “