The Daily Reminder – Day 1: Kids + Honor

Side note: I woke up early today (about 45 minutes earlier than I know my kids normally get up) so I could get myself organized for the day – including writing this! – and I forget how beautiful the quiet is. As I type, I hear the quiet noises of our house and the world outside and it really is amazing how much peace comes in the early morning stillness.

For day 1, I plan to take intentional time to honor each of my kids. I want to really SEE them. See them for where they are developmentally. See them for what is important to them right now. See them as they smile and laugh and cry.

This may seem simple, but as I reflect on the busiest (and sometimes not even on the busiest) days, I find that I sometimes can become laser-focused on the other things to do around the house and in my job that I forget to take that intentional time to ‘see’ them. Today, that will change.

Today, I will honor my children for who they are right now.

I invite you to join me!

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