My 30-day “Daily reminder” experiment – want to join me??

My 30-day “Daily reminder” experiment – want to join me??

I woke up today feeling like I just couldn’t seem to put together a few days in a row of meeting any of my goals. Goals with my physical health. Goals with my kids. Goals with my spiritual health. I seem to do pretty well for a day or two or three and then I fall off the wagon. Anyone else been there??

So I decided I would try something. I want to spend 30 days being hyper-focused on one of four areas in my life: my relationship with my kids, my physical health, my spiritual health, and my mental/emotional health. The truth is, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the ways I should probably “be healthier.”

  • I “should” eat less sugar. Less caffeine. Less carbs.
  • I “should” exercise more. Do more cardio. Join a special diet to “finally” lose the last 20 pounds of baby weight.
  • I “should” pray more. I should meditate. I should reflect and journal about my life experiences.
  • I “should” spend more time fully attending to my kids. I should play silly games with them. I should read more to them.

I should. I should. I should.

And as a psychologist, I know what the “shoulds” can do to us. They make us feel like a failure. Like we are not enough. Like we should be better. And truthfully…often, the “shoulds” I have in my mind are such lofty goals that there is probably no way I will ever reach them.

And yet, everyday, I start with my list of things to do.  Things I hope to accomplish. The 16 or 12 or 9 things for that day that need to get done, but probably won’t because I am so focused on so many things, I can’t focus on anything.

Well. For the next 30 days, I will not create the to-do list. Sure. I will have the emails to check and assignments to grade. But instead of focusing on the list, I will be hyper-focused on the things that really matter. Just ONE thing each day.

Here’s my plan. Each week, there will be a theme:

  • Week 1: Relationship with my kids
  • Week 2: Physical health
  • Week 3: Spiritual health
  • Week 4: Mental/Emotional health

Then, each day, I will have ONE aspect of that theme that I will focus on all day. And the rest, I will let have a break from taking up mental energy. I will post it so you all can keep me accountable – and I invite you to join me!  You will see the post on Facebook each morning with that day’s “Daily reminder.”

At then at the end of each day and each week, I will reflect on which ONE aspect in each area that appears to be making the most impact in my life. And then, who knows…I may expand the 30 day experiment from there!

Let me give you a couple examples:  Relationship with my kids – devote the day to really listening to them and ask one thoughtful question of each of them;  devote the day to cuddling and hugging my kids as often as I can (without them strangling me!); Physical health – drink 100 ounces of water; skip dessert and carbs today.

Who wants in?? You can reply in Facebook, private message me, or email – just say – “I want the Daily Reminder!” –

Because heaven knows I need the daily reminder to keep me on track, too!


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